EPFA Services

Introduction to powerchair football

EPFA staff work with the Republic of Ireland delegation.

EPFA will provide a new country with an introductory package of equipment in order to begin playing powerchair football. EPFA staff will help the new country to set up the equipment, deliver a basic coaching session, introduce the laws of the game and provide guidance on the next steps the country can take to build powerchair football.

EPFA Development & coaching course


In this course, EPFA will meet with the National Organisation of Powerchair Football and other sporting and disability organisations, to discuss how to develop powerchair football, calling on their experience and examples from different nations.

They will then deliver the EPFA Coaching Powerchair Football course, covering theory and practical sessions to develop coaches’ knowledge of the game.

Referee training

New referees complete training in Finland

EPFA refereeing tutors will deliver a two day officials course, designed to teach participants the laws of powerchair football and learn the skills of how to officiate the game. Participants will also get the opportunity to officiate in games during the second day to gain experience.

Equipment Packages

The 2017 FIPFA World Cup football

EPFA work with a number of equipment suppliers across Europe.  We offer a number of subsidised packages to new or developing countries to support the growth of the game.  We can supply:

  • Footballs
  • Goalposts
  • Basic attachments & bracketry
  • Speed test machines

Classification training

Classification training

In partnership with FIPFA, EPFA run Classification training in conjunction with our event schedule.  We will:

  • Facilitate individuals to complete the basic training.
  • Support trained Classifiers to reach International standard.
  • Support the Head Classifer network.

EPFA will also support NOPF's as they implement their National classification programmes.

Additional Services

EPFA staff meet with a Turkish delegation in Paris.

EPFA can support established, affiliated NOPF’s with events to increase their knowledge, understanding and

build relationships with contacts from different countries. Opportunities include:

  • Referee exchange support
  • Club friendly competition support
  • EPFA delegation (1 visit) to nations to support/advise
  • Coach exchanges

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