EPFA European powerchair football association

EPFA European powerchair football association EPFA European powerchair football association EPFA European powerchair football association

Governing body of powerchair football 

in the european zone 


EPFA Champions Cup 2020

EPFA have great pleasure in announcing the 10 teams that will compete in the EPFA Champions Cup 2020

Aspire PFC - England
Auch Les Twisters - France
BSF - Denmark
Clyde Alba - Scotland
DCU Storm - Ireland
E-agles Asko Wien - Austria
FC Inter Powerchair - Finland
Grafteaux Villeneuve d'Ascq - France
Midlands United - Ireland
West Browmich Albion - England


We wish all the teams the best of luck 

and look forward to the build up to a great

 tournament in Geneva during

 August 23rd to 29th 2020.

EPFA Nations Cup 2019


ENGLAND is the EPFA Nations Cup Champion 2019!

1st England
2nd France
3rd Ireland
4th Denmark
5th Northern Ireland
6th Austria
7th Finland


Five first teams have secured a place at the FIPFA World Cup in Sydney in 2021.

Nations Cup 2019 Fixture schedule and the results


EPFA Nations Cup Fixture schedule 22nd - 26th May

 EPFA is looking forward to some great matches and wish all the teams the best of luck in the tournament.

Wednesday 22nd May

19:30 Opening Game 

Finland v Northern Ireland 0-3

Thursday 23rd May

10:00 England v Austria 14-0

11:15 Ireland v Denmark 0-2

12:30 France v Finland 15-0

13:45  Northern Ireland v England 0-17

15:00 Austria v Ireland 0-8

16:15 Denmark v France 0-5

Friday 24th May

09:15  Finland v England 0-8

10:30 Northern Ireland v Austria 4-0

11:45 Ireland v France 0-10

13:00 Denmark v Finland 4-0

14:15 Northern Ireland v Ireland 0-5

15:30 England v France 0-3

16:45 Austria v Denmark 0-6

Saturday 25th May

09:15 France v Northern Ireland  12-0

10:30 Ireland v Finland  5-0

11:45 Denmark v England 0-1

13:00 Austria v France  0-15

14:15 Northern Ireland v Denmark 2-4

15:30 England v Ireland 5-0

16:45 Finland v Austria  2-1

Sunday 26th May


9:15  7th v 6th  Austria v Finland 1-1

10:30 SEMI 1 - 1st v 4th France v Ireland 6-0

11:45 7th v 5th Austria v Northern Ireland 1-2

13:00 SEMI 2 - 2nd v 3rd England v Denmark 3-1

14:15 6th v 5th Finland v Northern Ireland 0-1

15:30 LSF 1 v LSF 2 (3rd place) Ireland v Denmark 2-1

16:45 FINAL SF 1 v SF 2  France v England 1-3

Our Partners


EPFA are currently delivering a 4 year plan in partnership with UEFA to continue the development of powerchair football across Europe.  This work is focused around 5 key objectives:

  1. Growing the Game -  EPFA will continue to work to see powerchair football grow across Europe.  
  2. Building a workforce -  EPFA will provide training and knowledge to help NOPF’s grow.
  3. Providing competitive opportunities - EPFA will  implement and deliver a competition structure.
  4. Developing Governance and structure - EPFA will support NOPF’s to build a sustainable organisations.
  5. Administering the Game - EPFA will administer the sport of powerchair football across Europe.

Read about the project 

EPFA are delighted to be working in partnership with UEFA.

EPFA are delighted to be working in partnership with UEFA.


23/8-29/8 2020

EPFA Champions Cup 2020

Event Details

23/8-29/8 2020

EPFA Champions Cup 2020

 EPFA are pleased to announce that the Champions Cup 2020 will take place in Geneva Switzerland from August 23rd to 29th 2020.
Further info...

Event Details

Latest Video

Watch the video from the 2017 Home Nations event held in Sevenoaks, Kent.   This was a development competition for Youth teams from England, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland. 

Thanks to Alexandra Johnson Photography.

You can see more video's on the EPFA YouTube channel.