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2017 EPFA Home Nations winners

Who are we?

The European Powerchair Football Association (EPFA) is the governing body of powerchair football in Europe.

Powerchair Football is the only “active team participation” sport for people with severe physical impairments. Due to its unique nature, Powerchair Football allows genders, all ages and a wide range of impairments to participate together.

Formed in 2008, EPFA is the first mainland federation under the supervision of the Federation of International Powerchair Football Associations (FIPFA).

EPFA Nations Cup trophy

Our Aim & Objectives:

EPFA’s aim is to practice, develop, coordinate and support the sport of Powerchair Football in all countries of the European Zone. 

1. EPFA has the responsibility to take charge of this sport as far as competition is concerned and to set up a suitable promotional program. In particular EPFA shall:

  • Encourage the development of the sport through a suitable and relevant information and promotion program.
  • Establish the Internal Regulations that govern the conduct of EPFA.
  • Ensure that all international Zone competitions, for which EPFA has responsibility, are conducted in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of FIPFA.
  • Regulate the transfer of players from one country to another.

Action from the Nations Cup as France take on Belgium.

2. In order to facilitate exchange, harmonious dialogue, and development of the discipline, EPFA may:

  • Establish committees, or such provisional commissions as it deems necessary, to achieve its objectives;
  • Promote amicable and courteous relations between the national members of EPFA, as well as between all of the active members of the Association and the players.
  • Take appropriate measures in order to prevent violations of the Association, the sports regulations, and classifications of the players.
  • Do everything possible to involve the players in the operation of the European Zone. EPFA should rely on the expertise of the persons directly involved with the game (players, coaches, referees, etc.) as much as possible.

3. In order to ensure financial stability, EPFA may:

  • Collect funds and accept contributions and/or subsidies from any international, national, or state organisation, as well as individual companies, foundations, and organisations, following the rules defined by the Internal Regulations of FIPFA.
  • Ensure that all funds raised are used solely to further the aims of EPFA and are in accordance with the host country’s legal framework and follow the principles of a non-profit organisation.
  • Make sure that the events organised under the responsibility of the EPFA have a balanced budget and comply with the funds which are available.

About EPFA

 A brief video highlighting Powerchair Football and what EPFA does across Europe:

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